by: Barry Small  06/13/14

In yet another misrepresentation of the truth, Presidential Candidate-to-be Hillary Clinton claims that she and Billy were flat broke when he left office. I have to say that for just a moment I was choked up and almost shed a tear. Then I remembered something; they are Democrats which means one of two things, either they are lying or they are covering something up for political gain.

If you want to find the truth you have to follow the money and following the Clinton money trail was like driving on the autobahn. To be sure, they had a lot of legal fees; that tends to be the case when you are a criminal. Having to defend yourself against what amounted to prostitution charges as the President of the United States can run the legal fees through the roof. When you don’t learn your lesson and continue down the same path over and over again they become ridiculous.

Then there was Whitewater, a slew of questionable deaths left in their wake and incompetence in office that led to impeachment proceedings. How much trouble can two people get into anyway?

The problem is that they got away with it and that always encourages people to continue in their deviant behavior. This is evident in the way she lies about everything she has been involved in. One only needs to look to Benghazi to see abundant evidence of that.

If she isn’t lying, she is manipulating the truth for political gain. Take Bergdahl and the five Taliban Rock Stars now living it up in Qater. According to Hillary (aka; presidential wanna-be) they are no threat to the United States.

I’m sure they were just joking when they called for a holy war against America. I’m sure they don’ really believe it is their Islamic duty to eradicate all infidels. No, these men have learned to speak English, taken up knitting and spend their days playing The Simpsons.

Now, she says they were broke, I say hardly. First she immediately started collecting a Senate paycheck worth about $145,000 and his pension was worth about $150,000. My definition of broke doesn’t start at $295,000. Then there was the advance on her book that was somewhere around a million dollars. They were just victims of the Republican political machine; they didn’t really do anything that was technically wrong.

She also charged somewhere around $200,000 per appearance to speak, although it must be noted that far more people were interested in hearing Billy speak than her. In fact; the majority of the income they reported in her 2001 Senate disclosure forms came from Bill’s speaking tour and amounted to something north of 12 million dollars.

It should come as no surprise that the democrats see no problem with trillions of dollars of debt. It is obvious that the people they choose to lead them have absolutely no concept of what managing a budget is. It is the old “there are still checks in the checkbook, so I must still have money” mentality on steroids.

The problem is that they don’t have to suffer the consequences of being broke; they still manage to eke out a measly 12 million for the year. All that debt is in the past so what difference does it make anyway? (reference to Benghazi if you didn’t get it) Broke to them is the difference between vacationing on the French Riviera and Monaco. The details don’t matter and someone else is going to pay for it anyway.

That is the problem with Hillary, the details are unimportant, including the destruction that is left in her wake. This is the pathological liar that the Democratic voters are clamoring for. The trail they have left in their wake is a bloody one indeed, starting presumably with Vince Foster although it may well have been long before that, to the not so long ago Benghazi, a murdered ambassador along with three other American heroes; but the truth doesn’t matter to her.

If things were really that bad for them, I’m sure that the government would have gladly bought back the White House china and silverware she stole when they left. I sure wish I was dead broke like them.

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