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Is there ANYONE on the left (Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists etc..) who would not be going absolutely Ape-Shit crazy if it was George W. Bush who was targeting say the NAACP, or N.O.W, C.A.R.E, a Pro Gay group, or any other group that you can think of. Not only would they be going Ape-Shit crazy they would have already impeached him and rightfully so. As I have said before that is why I loath Liberals as they are all hypocrites!

As those who are old enough may recall, Richard Nixon was impeached for his abuse of the IRS among other things. It was article two of his impeachment that sited his abuse of the IRS to destroy his political enemies.

So why are IRS agents and appointments not in jail, and why has Obama not impeached for what is considerably much, much worse than what Nixon ever did when it comes to the IRS? After all it is a felony to disclose personal IRS information and a felony for IRS agents or representatives to use/abuse the IRS in the manner in which they did. And don’t lie to me about Obama and the Administration not knowing about it! I am absolutely sick of that B.S. and all you are doing is attempting to cover for him. Would any of you bought the line that G.W. Bush knew nothing about it? Obama damn well knew about it and probably personally approved of it.

(I encourage you to read the article below from Wayne Allyn Root)

I Have the Smoking Gun in Obama’s IRS Scandal

Mar. 5, 2014 9:00am

By: Wayne Allyn Root

IRS official Lois Lerner is finally testifying in front of Congress Wednesday. (Well not really)

Still, the media and Republicans in Congress are missing the larger picture. They keep thinking this scandal involves nameless, faceless Tea Party groups. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. That’s what Obama hopes we all think. This “IRS targeted the Tea Party” is the distraction to make us miss the real scandal. Congress needs to expand this investigation.

The real scandal is that this was a widespread criminal conspiracy by the Obama White House to use the IRS to target, persecute, intimidate and silence Obama’s critics and political opposition.

And I believe I personally have the smoking gun to tie the Obama White House to this scandal.

Congress needs to ask Lois Lerner and other IRS officials about the targeting of individual critics of Obama…good Americans with names and faces and families…who they tried to destroy and intimidate…people like me. That story will resonate with the American people. That story leads to the impeachment of the President.

The second of Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment was for the crime of using the IRS to punish his political opponents. The difference is that Barack Obama’s IRS scandal makes Richard Nixon look like a minor league rookie.

Tea Parties are just one part of this widespread conspiracy. I was personally targeted along with many others including Dr. Benjamin Carson; former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell; a stage 4 terminal cancer victim (after appearing on Fox News); conservative filmmakers like Jerry Mullen (Dinesh D’Souza’s partner) and Joel Gilbert; Christian minister Billy Graham; Catherine Engelbrecht, who was targeted over 15 times by the IRS and other government agencies after founding her Tea Party; and numerous prominent GOP donors. The list goes on and on.

There is a clear pattern of a criminal conspiracy here – this was an organized crime conspiracy that would make Al Capone and the Gambino Crime Family proud. The only question is can Obama be connected? If he can, this becomes the biggest scandal in modern U.S. political history.

Let me tell you about my personal situation. I spent three years (2011-2013) under nonstop attack by the IRS. I first wrote about it for TheBlaze last Spring.

I may not be the most high-profile Obama critic in the country, but my opinions are read by millions at many of the most popular news, business and political web sites in the country – like TheBlaze. Last year my book, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide“became a national bestseller.

The result of all of this nonstop media exposure? An unprecedented IRS attack starting in January  2011. This IRS attack was so over-zealous and out of bounds, I was forced to hire one of the nation’s top tax law firms. My legal team took the case to tax court, where we won a complete victory.

Only five days later, the IRS announced a new tax audit. I’m not a billionaire or a wheeling, dealing hedge fund CEO. I’m just a small businessman – but someone in government thought I needed to be silenced.

Multiple legal and tax experts confirmed they had never heard of an American taxpayer being attacked by the IRS in such a manner only five days after winning in tax court. Furthermore, they all agreed this could only happen if I was on Obama’s “Enemies List.”

The attack was chilling, intimidating, and very expensive. It was meant to bleed me dry and teach me a lesson – if you dare to criticize Obama, get ready to lose everything.

Here is where my case may differ from others. Obama and the IRS left a trail. I may have the smoking gun to tie Obama to the scandal.


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