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By: Barry Small 05/27/2014

I turned off the news over the holiday weekend and enjoyed the peace in my quiet little corner of the world. Evidently things were not so peaceful a thousand miles or so to the south of me. It seems that a very disturbed you man described by the mainstream media as a woman hating racist went on a killing spree.

Before I go any farther with this I want to express my condolences to the families of the victims. I am a father and I hope that I never have to go through what you are experiencing right now. I can’t honestly say how I would react if one of those kids was mine, I don’t think any of us could.

My issue is the bias in the “news” organizations that are reporting on this rampage. I read all the reports I could find, listened to the “manifesto”, and read a good portion of his 137 page diatribe against everyone. My issue is with the way it is getting used by the liberal media to propagate their class warfare, anti-gun, and anti-white agenda. The Daily News started their day with the headline:

Racism played a role in Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara murder spree: experts
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The first two paragraphs define the rest of what their article is all about:

The horrific mass murder in Santa Barbara has pundits and armchair diagnosticians scrambling for an explanation.

This time, we’ve seen misogyny and men’s sense of entitlement added to the usual suspects of guns and mental illness. We’d suggest another variable be added to the lethal equation: race.
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Misogyny, entitlement, the “usual suspects” of guns and mental illness, and of course race. Yes, believe it or not, the Daily News says that all “mass murderers” are racially motivated white men. This is based on the works of two “scientists” from Stony Brook University. Evidently this rampage happened over the weekend while I tuned out of the rest of the world and during that time these Sociologists had time to do enough scientific research to publish their findings in (wait for it) …the Daily News.

Most of the other mainstream outlets focused on his hatred for beautiful women and suggest that it is evidence that women are still an oppressed minority in today’s society. Their intent is of course to whip up frenzy about women hating men as if they were the majority of the male population.

Then there are the publications that are using a distraught father to further their anti-gun agenda. To me these are the lowest, most despicable rags of them all. A father who has just lost his child and who evidently believes in gun control (I respect his right to his opinion even though I don’t agree with it) instantly becomes the poster child for all the liberal gun control agenda’s in the country. They don’t give a hoot about him or his son; they just use them as the soup d’ jour. Somehow they forgot that most of the killings were stabbings, or maybe they just couldn’t find a sobbing parent demanding knife control.

I don’t deny there is plenty of racism out there, and I don’t deny that there are women hating men. I would even agree that this wack-job was both although there is little evidence that he was a racist. He made a comment that he didn’t understand why white girls went out with black guys instead of him. He also made it clear that they went out with just about anybody but him, although that little fact that seems to have gotten lost behind the headlines.

This kid is sick, he isn’t a racist or a woman hating man; he is a mental nutjob. Using him for any other purpose is negligent and self-serving. I don’t mean to sound like I have sympathy for him because I don’t. I’ve been rejected by plenty of beautiful women; I was mocked in high school for being six feet tall and 140 lbs. with size twelve shoes…as a freshman. I was raised to be a gentleman and even after I became more proportionally correct women still reject me. But I haven’t turned out to be a mass murderer. I guess there is still time.

The next phase of the news cycle has already started; who knew about him and his more than evident mental illness and who is responsible for not locking him away. After all, the signs were all there. “Someone” should have seen this coming and stopped it.

Soon to follow will be the predictable lawsuits. This one should be good, lots of people had opportunity to intervene and derail this train wreck. First, someone will go after the gun manufacturer and the retailer that sold it. I want to see someone go after the knife manufacturer and start a new trend. Then they will go after the police and the psychologists that he was seeing. Lastly, someone will go after the parents because they have known for years that he was a mental disaster. It’s all too predictable.

But there is a six hundred pound gorilla in the room and the media is trying their best not to look at it. You don’t have to be a sociologist to see it, all you have to do is look past all the agendas and there it is in plain sight. Watch his manifesto video then watch a little bit of World of Warcraft. Listen to what this kid is saying. Listen to the phrases he uses, the tone of voice, and his “evil” laugh. Nobody uses the terms “slaying” and “annihilation” in everyday speech. “Piles of skulls” and “rivers of blood”; that’s not something you hear every day…unless you are immersed in video games of destruction.

Elliot Rodger was not a racially motivated killer who hated women; he was a player character on a quest. He was a “god” travelling through a hedonistic world on a mission to right all wrongs; especially those imposed on the down trodden. He had already conquered the first levels of his quest and had arrived at the final battle between good and evil. Listen to his words; he is the hero in a video game. He is going to exact vengeance for all the Elliot’s in the world.

The 600 lb. gorilla is the video game industry that inundates our children with violence and fantasy. I grew up before video games; we had Dungeons and Dragons. I can name more than just a couple kids that went a bit too far into character. They followed a similar path to being anti-social, and disillusioned. They didn’t date, didn’t fit in, and generally hated everyone that was everything they weren’t. That doesn’t mean that everyone that played was like that, but those like Elliot Rodgers that immersed themselves in it were. This is a kid that no longer had the capacity to differentiate between reality and his reality.

But nobody in the media wants to discuss that because the companies they work for all have a stake in video gaming. A good puppy knows that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. So instead of dealing with the truth, they spew the leftist agenda that their masters tell them to print; racism, gun control and woman’s rights. That is how you get headlines and that is how you control what you want people to perceive as the truth.

Spend some time with Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft. Listen to the way the characters talk and the way they interact in their “world”. Then listen to Elliot’s video manifesto again and you will see the similarities.

I’m not saying we should ban video games any more than I believe we should ban guns and kitchen knives. I’m just saying that the news isn’t “news” anymore, it is ideology. I’m saying that the mainstream media isn’t much different from Elliot Rodgers and is hell bent on making sure everyone’s reality is the same as theirs…or else.

Meanwhile in Florida, five blacks were arrested for shooting up a beach and only one local ABC affiliate was reporting it. It evidently isn’t news when it is black on black even though it was on a crowded beach on a holiday weekend. No racism…no news. Just saying…

One last thing; I saw a beautiful woman with a scrawny white engineer-looking guy this morning and I wondered how the hell that happens. Does that mean that I am a closet racist that hates scrawny white engineers? Somebody call CNN, I think there is a story here.

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